How the amulet works for good luck and wealth

When things do not go well in life, people are backed by one amazing thing: an imperial amulet made of a royal coin. This is not a random wallet coin, but a real one, minted in tsarist times.

imperial amulet pendant for good luck

If you have to borrow constantly, it does not work on your personal front, dreams remain only in fantasies, it is time to think. Negative energy affects us all. Protect yourself so that energy field problems no longer disrupt your plans. If one is haunted by a series of failures, one must take care to protect oneself and one's life. And then the black series in life will end. With such a coin, luck comes to a person. Having become the owner of this amulet, a person should always have it with him.

The story of the appearance of the imperial amulet

This happened when, with the support of the military, the young king proved his superiority over the princess, his sister.

In 1689, the prince prayed in the monastery. He wanted the situation with his sister and the archers to be solved safely, but he was afraid that his sister would betray him. One of the monks filled with sympathy for the young king's martyrdom and made him an amulet. To do this, the deacon took a coin, prayed over it for strength, and in the morning presented it to the king. According to the legend, he accompanied the gift with the words: "From today you will be invincible, luck will not leave you and wealth will have no end! May the Lord be with you! ». Historical evidence confirms that the conspirators were defeated and the woman ended up in a monastery under strict supervision.

The king has since been known around the world as a man of great stature, the first emperor and a man who committed acts of incredible importance. Each emperor of the dynasty had a name amulet, also made of a coin.

The monastery constantly received material values and land from the emperors. The monastery received special attention during the years of the empress. Until the end of the dynasty, the Lavra was one of the first in terms of wealth.

imperial amulet of fortune

Then the secret of the imperial amulet was temporarily lost when the priests of the monastery fled from persecution. However, now the monument of history and architecture has been restored and is flourishing again.

How the amulet works

The imperial amulet is designed to lead to its owner all the possible positives. Made properly, it opens the streams of material wealth and good luck. This unique thing can bring into the life of its owner such phenomena as:

  • high paid work
  • career,
  • debt repayment
  • lottery winnings,
  • luck in money initiatives, success as an entrepreneur.

Gradually, the person begins to feel more confident. He finds a new job, lucrative offers in the financial sector. Interesting agreements and prospects come to life. In a difficult situation, the amulet is called to find the right solution.

Even in everyday life, amazing events happen that strengthen the home and the family. Peace of mind returns to the household, prosperity and peace are felt.

How to make an amulet

Amulets are made by professional magicians or priests. Judging by the reviews of people who have already bought such an amulet for themselves, it works. They return repeatedly, taking for relatives.

imperial amulet for good luck

Why is it better to choose a specialist? Because you need a functional imperial amulet charged with a positive result. A person who sincerely believes in creating his own hands, who wants to bring good to people, will face this task. But before you buy, read the reviews about the manufacturer. If they write that the order met the expectations, then you can order.

There is only one problem when ordering an amulet from experts: a long wait. A person who sincerely invests in his work can make a limited number of amulets a day. Usually no more than five pieces are produced per day, as production requires time and mental strength.

How to make an amulet yourself?

  1. First, get a coin. The ideal would be what was cut during the king's reign. But other pre-revolutionary coins are also appropriate. Do not take money of unknown origin, it is not clear where and when they were issued.
  2. To attract financial prosperity, create an amulet on Sunday, the day of the Sun. Sunday is suitable for spiritual affairs and magical ceremonies.
  3. Get ready to spend some time on creativity, retire, listen to pleasant music, light a candle - perhaps scented. Concentrate your thoughts on positive phenomena, prosperity, tune in to convey this mood to the amulet. Also think about who the amulet is for: yourself or the person you are creating it for.
  4. Make a hole if you want to wear the amulet on your neck or wrist. Otherwise, pack a small storage bag. Tie the coin crosswise twice with red thread.
  5. On a full moon, leave the coin on the windowsill, in a red patch, to be flooded by the moonlight. From a higher power (divine or natural), ask honestly what the amulet should fill.
  6. Put your amulet before going to bed under the pillow, wrapped in a cloth. So you combine your energy with the amulet. If you give, then put it under the pillow is not necessary. Explain how to activate it, if you do it as a gift, by mentioning these steps.

There is no 100% certainty that a homemade imperial amulet for good luck and wealth will work. For guaranteed results, contact professionals. However, it is necessary and possible to believe in the magic power - sooner or later there will be some changes in life.

homemade imperial amulet

How to handle the amulet

  • You do not need to constantly brag about your amulet and its help in your affairs. If you really want to share, then only say to those to whom you wish well and to those who wish you well.
  • This is a personal item, so you can not give it to anyone, even for a while, or keep it. The best solution would be to hide it from prying eyes.
  • It is forbidden to give or give the amulet again - it will lose its power. After that, it will no longer help either the new owner or you if it returns.
  • It can be inherited. Be sure to process it with knowledgeable people so that something unwanted is not transmitted along with the thing.
  • Treat your "assistant" with respect, take care of him.
  • Store in a clean place.
  • Feed the amulet once every two weeks or more often. Take it out of the bag, contact him. Show that you believe in his power.
  • Have it with you whenever possible.

Reviews of the owners of the amulet

  1. I heard from my wife that our friends use some kind of currency. I noticed that they paid off their debts. I decided to try it myself. In addition, the amulet is not from a simple money, but from the basil. I will try one first. If it does, I will buy it for the whole family.
  2. Recently, I joined such a band that there is only stress around. I could not choose a path in life. I was looking for a security guard. I saw the imperial amulet and something in my soul responded. I realized that it would only be done for me with a prayer. Now I feel so supportive!
  3. I never believed in such things. Man must make his life. And how I lost my job due to layoffs, I realized how much a pound is worth. He accepted any offers, but could not stay anywhere. The circumstances were bad. The wife took the money from the savings for a rainy day. Secretly, otherwise I would not agree to spend. She ordered such a coin from me, she put it in her pocket every day. And little by little things started to happen. I received a suggestion from an old friend - to join their team, so the job became stable. I did not expect life to get better that way. I gained faith in myself.

The imperial amulet gives support if the person believes. Some things you just have to experience on your own to make sure help comes. May a bright streak of life come to you with this amulet.